5 Best Restaurants in Allston, Massachusetts

5 Best Restaurants in Allston, Massachusetts

Often when you think of the restaurants in Boston you think of the big well-known establishments which are commonly found near the water, however the many surrounding communities, such as Allston are full of some of the best restaurants within the Greater Boston area. Gere are a few of our favorites:  

5 Best Restaurants in Allston, MassachusettsCarlo’s Cucina Italiana

Carlo’s Cicuna Italiana is easily a family favorite in the area, boasting delicious homemade fusilli, this spot has been a local go-to for the past 40 years. Whether you wish to enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine among the Italian décor, or prefer take-out, favorites such as Calamari Veneziana, can be enjoyed at home or in the comfort of the restaurant.  

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Dumpling Kingdom

There’s nothing quite like an authentic soup filled dumpling, and luckily you can find some of the best right in Allston at Dumpling Kingdom. Making it easier than ever to fulfil your cravings, Dumpling Kingdom specializes in fast delivery of your favorite Chinese cuisine and dumplings straight to your front door.  


If you have dietary restrictions then you know how hard it can be to find a delicious restaurant, luckily, Grasshopper is the place you’ve been searching for. As a vegetarian restaurant that also boasts a large handful of different vegan options, Grasshopper is a local favorite for its fresh ingredients, meat alternatives, as well as delicious vegan desserts.  

Lulu’s Allston

Calling all brunch lovers! Lulu’s Allston is known for its delicious comfort foods, whether for brunch or a late-night snack. In addition to brunch favorites, you can also enjoy a large range of more than 50 beers on tap while hanging out in the “backyard” where Lulu’s bocce ball courts help to create a sense of community among diners amidst the laughs of locals. 

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Oppa Sushi

Taking a hole-in-the-wall to a whole new level, Oppa Sushi is the perfect little sushi stop you didn’t know you needed, and once trying, won’t be able to live without. Serving both common and eccentric rolls, you can enjoy every day favorites as well as rolls that come is aluminum foil boats, quite literally, on fire!  

The dining scene in Allston is growing in popularity rapidly as many of the “secrets” of the city start to become more popular among the surrounding communities as well as locals of Boston. Whether you need a late-night snack, a drink amongst friends, or a great place to grab Sunday Brunch, Allston can easily meet all of your dining needs.  

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