Best Practices for Receiving Your Full Security Deposit When You Move Out of a Rental

 Best Practices for Receiving Your Full Security Deposit When You Move Out of a RentalWhen we move into a rental it is pretty much standard policy wherever you rent, both here in Boston and across the country, that a security deposit will be required. Sometimes this deposit can be a pretty significant chunk of money.

The security deposit is a means to help communicate to the renter that the owner of the property expects the renter to hold up to their portion of the lease agreement and make sure the property stays in a good standing condition. If for some reason the property will need extra repairs or cleaning beyond the standard switch of tenants the deposit helps to cover these costs and will not be returned to the renter.

If the rental is left in great condition then the security deposit is returned to the renter when they move out. How can a renter be sure they will receive their full deposit back? 

Some Tips for Boston Renters to Recieve their Full Security Deposit 

Have a Thorough Understanding of the Lease Agreement

One of the most common ways that renters do not receive their security deposit back or have a portion of it held back is that they did not fully understand their lease terms. 

Before signing and agreeing to lease terms it is important that you know all of the terms and understand them in detail. It is also wise to revisit your lease and give yourself a refresher course especially a few months before you move. You want to know all of the expected conditions. It is good to refresh yourself on things like giving notice for moving out and cleaning requirements upon moving out. 

Don't Forget to Return all Keys 

In many cases, you will have more than one key for your apartment. In some rental communities, you may have keys to common areas and a second set of keys for your front door. Some buildings also have garage door openers. It can be easy to forget to turn in every single key or garage remote you own, but if you don't, it could cost you. 

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

When moving large items in and out of the apartment, they can easily crash into something and cause a bit of damage, especially if you are moving large heavy items through tight spaces like down a stairwell or hallway. It is a good idea to have professional movers do this work for you because they make it their job to be extra careful with these things. Should they cause damage it should be covered. 

Take Pictures of Everything

Sometimes things can get mixed up between the landlord or property management and a renter. The more properties and change over of properties the more likely it is that you could be accused of causing damage that wasn't yours. 

It is a good idea to document with photographic proof everything about your rental after all of the stuff is moved out. This will back up and support you should you need to prove you didn't cause damage. It is also good to take these pictures before you move your things in, it will help prove if any damage was preexisting before you moved in. 

If you are looking for a rental in the Boston area we are happy to help you find a property that fits your needs and your budget. For more information on Boston rentals, contact us any time. 

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