Should I use My Friend or Family Member as my Agent?

Should I use My Friend or Family Member as my Agent?

Picking your Real Estate Agent is easily one of the biggest, as well as the first step when starting your house hunting journey. The wrong agent can sour your buying experience, and in many cases, leave you without the home you had hoped for. When it comes to choosing an agent there are a few tips and tricks you can follow, however, one of the main questions that buyer’s, as well as seller’s, tend to ask is if they can use their friend or family member as their agent. While this can work in some cases, many Real Estate professionals warn that this may not end in an ideal situation. 

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Should I use My Friend or Family Member as my Agent?A few common dangers of choosing to use your family member or friend as your agent could include: 

Lower Prioritization

Unfortunately when choosing to use a friend or family member to represent you, you may find that they are prioritizing other clients above yourself, simply because they know you and thus, feel as if they don’t need to try to impressive you or work as hard as other potential clients which could cost you in the long run. 

Transparency and Honesty

Did you price your home too high? Are you searching for a home outside of your budget? Unrealistic expectations? When it comes to these questions, among others, you need to have an agent who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, even when it isn’t what you want to hear. Many friends and family members will simply smile and nod, even if you’re making a mistake, solely in an effort to not hurt your feelings.  


Should any disagreements arise, or issues with the buying or selling process, these can unfortunately cause a strained or even ruined relationship with your agent, in most cases, your agent is a professional and you can both move on, however, when a family member or friend is involved, you are essentially risking the whole relationship. 

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Ultimately, the decision is yours when choosing who you want to represent you during your home buying or selling journey, however, use caution, and always do your research when choosing an agent. Look at reviews, knowledge of the area, expertise, experience, etc. to ensure that your agent knows your specific market and can help you have a successful Real Estate journey.  

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