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Town Property Group is a professional management company that is devoted to the operation and maintenance of condominium/apartment units and single/multi-family residences for absentee Landlords or Owners who live out of state and abroad. We manage residential, commercial and industrial properties and have set ourselves apart as being highly qualified professionals. Our training, knowledge and ethical practices are a benefit to both the owners that they work for and those who work, live and shop at their properties.

With longstanding relationships with tradesmen of all kinds, we are able to maintain low costs for property owners for services including: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, extermination,and HVAC specialists.

The role of the professional property manager is to coordinate the fiscal, physical, and administrative responsibilities of operating real estate day to day. With a professional property manager at the helm, your investment goals will always be the primary goals. 

We Are The Small Property Management Experts!

Due to the large number of schools, hospitals, and related institutions in the Greater Boston Area, there has been an influx of people who live permanently out of state purchasing property while temporarily residing in Boston. These people possess the need for a reliable Property Management Company to oversee their Real Estate interests once they move away.

We tailor our service to your needs, and take pride in the individual attention and responsiveness we devote to you. We can ensure you receive reasonable flat fixed rates! 

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